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Jessica Johnson-Cope

CEO | Johnson Security Bureau, inc.

Jessica is a business professional who combines communications, customer relations, and common sense to address her client's challenges. She leads the AMAZING team at Johnson Security Bureau, Inc. where for over 50 years her family has protected valuable people, places, and property. Every day, respected corporations entrust their most valuable assets to Jessica and her team. Through their work, they enable people and communities to be the best they can be.


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Waleed Cope

CEO | The Soap Box & Chief Of Staff | Johnson Security Bureau

And I'm Waleed Cope. An experienced entrepreneur, investor, business advisor. 

Waleed runs multiple New York-based businesses and advises entrepreneurs and small business owners on operations, culture, growth, and navigating success. 

As co-founder of The Soap Box & COS of Johnson Security Bureau, Inc., Waleed has developed highly successful, multi-million-dollar revenue businesses while sharing with business owners and entrepreneurs on the benefits and challenges of entrepreneurship.


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Everette Hamlette

Media Team Manager + Podcast producer + Videographer +
Audio Technician + Editor + SEO + Marketing

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Everette started making content as early as elementary school and has been a professional content creator since 2013. When he's not working on the podcast, he is producing content for Johnson Security Bureau and The Soap Box. He also runs a video production company in the South Bronx. He loves documentary-style shooting and recently he has been documenting the Black Lives Matter movement in NYC. His overall goal for his production career is to make the borough of The Bronx better.

Brian Lau

Photographer + editor + Videographer +
 designer + animator + podcast producer

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Brian started as a visual designer in marketing and advertising and had been doing that for over a decade. Eventually, he transitioned into being a published photographer and focused mainly on fashion. Brian recently joined the Johnson and Cope team to create a variety of content for their businesses. Video and 3D animation is on his creative list of things to excel in.

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